Genesis Network TV

Started in 1997 with the mission to give every household the gospel of Christ and the Word of God, Genesis Network TV has won a loyal audience because of our mature and honest discourse on Christian practices in addition to promoting moral values and the social and spiritual needs of society.Genesis Network TV is present in hundreds of cities and millions of homes. We have a varied program with 24 hours of entertainment. Our programming has cartoons, movies, documentaries, music, interviews, concerts, worship broadcasts, testimony, journalism, and more, reaching people of all ages, genders and social classes. The secret of success is our audience. The content is appropriate for all Christians, without specific denominations.

Genesis Network TV has been broadcasting blessings to your life with Christian and educational programs for over 10 years. We have promoted the Gospel, building bridges and creating new paths for believers.
Our mission is to do as the Lord Jesus commanded, and “go” into all the world, taking the Gospel and Christian practices, as well as moral, social, and spiritual values, to homes in Brazil and across the globe. We believe that by doing so, we can be part of creating a happier society.We broadcast blessings to more than 25 States in Brazil, covering more than 200 cities. Our TV broadcasting signals are also reached the United States, Europe, and Africa. For those cities and countries that are not yet able to receive our TV signals, Genesis Network TV is available online with lots of videos, completely free of cost.
Our shows are very diversified, which makes it entertaining for your entire family. We offer to our viewers music, concerts, services, testimonials, cartoons, educational programming, interviews, documentaries, news, movies, and messages delivered by renowned preachers and motivators from all over the world.Genesis Network TV is unstoppable. Each and every year we stand stronger, renewing and breaking standards so we can reach more hearts, spreading the message of the cross to the masses, promoting the Christian faith. Tune in and be part of this movement. Allow heavenly ministries to flood your home, your community, and your nation with God’s blessings.